Together we achieve more.

The SFC Consortium was created in the spirit of collaboration. We are a dedicated, like-minded group of professionals who help families find the right college for their students. The Consortium includes IECs, Financial Planners, Career/Majors Experts, Tutors, Essay Specialists, and Test Prep Specialists, etc. From sole practitioners to large groups, all are welcome.


If you are a professional in college services, join for free. Achieve MORE!


The Consortium provides a way for professionals who support the transition from high school to higher education to connect to one another and strengthen their resources. At the heart of the Consortium is the CAP Index, a software platform used to develop college lists that yield remarkable acceptance, retention, and four-year completion rates.

Our Mission

Like you, we want to help families through a challenging time and find the best fit for their student(s) as they transition from high school to college. The SFC Consortium was inspired by 33 years of helping families shared by the Strategies For College founder, Todd Fothergill, and the entire SFC team. The 3-Pillar Promise provides guidance in three crucial areas: Academic Fit, Personal Fit, and Financial Fit.

All three elements of the college process must carry equal weight. Our video Learning Center—a key Consortium benefit—is designed to educate families and answer questions as they learn about your services. Combined with powerful back-end lead nurturing, this asset simplifies your sales process.

Video Learning Center

This is a free benefit for Consortium Members. Available to anyone who registers, the video series becomes a powerful educational recruitment tool for paid Consortium members who want the ability to track  their customers’ progress. A key takeaway is how the videos qualify the questions that families commonly asked in the sales closing.