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How do you build your students’ college lists?  If building a college list that considers a students’ profile AND the family’s ability to pay makes sense, welcome to the List Hero. 

Your knowledge + List Hero = Brilliant Outcomes.

The List Hero has two unique features: a calculator to assess a student’s competitive position and a searchable database of over 800 colleges. Creating the initial college search list with this software is efficient, effective, and most importantly, accurate. The system is data-driven and has been continually updated for more than 25 years. It has been used by professional IECs in high schools and in private practice to generate college lists for over 10,000 students. The List Hero calculator is a sophisticated proprietary algorithm that provides GPS or rangefinder capability. Each college included in the searchable database has unique data that is updated annually and allows professional college advisors to quickly and objectively identify specific colleges that fit the students’ profile.

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More specifically, the List Hero integrates data from two critical sources: the student‘s academic profile and the parents’ EFC or SAI. Once the data is entered, the software instantly calculates a score for the student. This score is then compared to the range of scores of the colleges being considered.

Why is this important? Armed with this data, you can provide each student with an accurate assessment of their standing within the pool of typically admitted students at any college. Experience has shown that students who sit in the top 25% – 35% of typically admitted students have the best undergraduate experiences, graduate in four years, and receive preferred financial aid packages and merit scholarships. There is no other tool available with these capabilities.

A win-win for families.

The List Hero has a phenomenal track record of key industry-recognized metrics that measure student success: acceptance, retention, and completion in 4 years.